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24seniorcare offers attractive and cost-effective solutions to enjoy aging

Allday Senior- and nursing care at home with heart

Seniors want to live at home as long as possible, even if care is necessary. Our support model together with outpatient services enables this in an ideal and cost-effective way. The care persons are either local or qualified from abroad. We currently have a large pool of care persons and are quickly able to place suitable caregivers. The linguistic characteristics of seniors are considered in each case specifically. The nursing staff is trained and experienced in order to take into account the circumstances and the situation of dependents Seniors optimal. The legal framework of the countries of operation are met. Compared to other solutions, such as local nursing homes or care services in the countries thre are large price advantages.

Living abroad, searching for and finding the right property

We search and find the right property for those who would like to own a house or apartment in Spain or Bulgaria. We accompany young at heart, seniors and their relatives of the idea of ​​holidays or the retirement of spending part or all abroad, finding the suitable place to stay, the possible purchase or lease of the appropriate property, legal, tax and financial advice, the possible move to the new location with all the necessary formalities, the calculation of the cost of living and taxes to on-site support. In any case, all persons enjoy the newly gained financial freedom, because the cost of living is much lower with comparable quality of the infrastructure and the medical care and possible care than in the countries of origin.