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Become Partner: Real estate, residences/ressorts

Become our business partner with your real estate,residence/ressort, your retirement or nursing home

We optimally market your real estate, residences/ressorts, nusing home in the EU and Switzerland

24seniorcare is the only provider of a complete consulting package for persons from Western Europe, which are interested in real estate, residences/ressorts, retirement homes, nursing homes and eager to spend their retirement partly or full time in price advantageous countries in Eastern Europe or the Balkans. We are specialized in the search of appropriate clients and support them in the whole extension of the idea of ​​relocation, buying or renting real estate,  finding the appropriate resort, the move to the new location, the formalities, assistance abroad. We are working with a  variety of real estate agents, residences/ressorts, nursing homes in Eastern Europe and the Balkans and constantly enlarge our pool of objects that meet the quality standards of our clients

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